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STRATFORD, California
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STRATFORD, California

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PeopleReady Skilled Trades is a specialized division of PeopleReady, a TrueBlue company.
We connect tradespeople with work across a wide range of Skilled Trades – Construction & Solar.
Apply with us and get access to all PeopleReady & PeopleReady Skilled Trades branches.
We will get to know you and connect you with jobs that match your skills, experience, and preferences. PeopleReady is an equal opportunity employer.

Skilled Trades Recruiter: Shani-Ann King
Cell Number: 559/334-4594

• Be available to the project team, subcontractors, and vendors, including delivery companies such as FedEx, UPS, or GSO. You are the support person for the jobsite team and the offsite administrator, so it is critical that you arrive on time every day. Please make sure you are available for copies, scanning, printing, filing, phone calls, etc. If you need to leave the office, then you must make sure someone is available at the office to receive deliveries etc. Make sure you leave a cell number with the person that will remain in the office so that at no time can the office is left unattended.
• Ordering office supplies and stocking them. Only order what is necessary.
• Keeping the jobsite trailer organized and uncluttered and assist with cleaning up.
• Maintain good communication with the Primary Administrator and include them on any emails relating to the project if necessary.
• Working with vendors such as ice, toilets, dumpsters. Contacting these vendors to order, pickup or service.
• Being proactive in supporting the project.



• Scan and email the sign in sheet from the day prior to the Primary Administrator no later than 7AM and sync all iPads. On Thursday you will need to send the sign in sheet before you leave for the day so the Primary Administrator can get payroll hours entered timely on Friday.

• Be available in the morning to provide sign-in sheets and assistance if needed with the IPADS.

• On-Boarding for any/all New Hires.

• Once the morning rush has subsided and immediate needs have been addressed, please scan the following onto a flash drive or to your email from the day before then upload to the Z drive. This needs to be completed DAILY as the team needs to always have access to these documents.

• Toolbox Topics

• Daily Reports

• JHA’s

• Site Safety Orientation Forms/High Heat Advisements

• Daily Pre-Task Plans

• Equipment Checklists

• Security Reports

• All Daily Reports must be printed out and placed in the binder.

• All documents listed above are to be placed in the corresponding binder and available on the bookshelf so they are readily accessible should anyone need them.  

• Update Man Count/Hours on the board.

• Managing equipment log in Sunscreen. Adding new equipment that is called out that day and determine correct cost code with help from Superintendent.  

• Calling off equipment requested by Superintendent and removing from log when called off.  


• Be available to provide sign-out sheets and assistance if needed with the IPADS.  

• Wipe down all IPADS once they have been returned in the afternoon and place in charging station.


• Update the man hours excel file each Monday with past week hours from all subcontractors. 

• Collect Water Usage reports from all required Subcontractors and scan and save to the Z/Drive and file in the binder.

• Save any Aerial Photos to the Z/Drive.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Minimum 1 Year Experience working in a clerical position - data entry, copying, scanning, printing, filing, phone calls, etc.

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Admin Assistant

STRATFORD, California

PeopleReady Skilled Trades is a specialized division of PeopleReady, a TrueBlue company (NYSE: TBI). Since 1987, we have connected tradespeople and work across a wide range of trades, including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding, solar installations and more. Whether you need a single tradesperson or require a coordinated effort to dispatch skilled workers across multiple projects, we ensure you have the right people with the right tools, on-site and on time.