Electrician – Apprentice and Journey-Level

Fort Worth, Texas
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Fort Worth, Texas

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PeopleReady Skilled Trades is seeking TDLR licensed, experienced apprentice and journeyman electricians. The electrician is responsible for performing duties related to the installation, alteration, repair, replacement and maintenance of electrical systems, conductors, and associated materials and equipment. Workers must take pride in their work, stay focused on assigned tasks and be familiar with using equipment safely. Pay is $24-35/hour, depending on license level and experience. Must have reliable transportation and tools of the trade.


Tasks includes perform work involving physical labor, considerable use of arms, legs, and moving entire body such as: bending, twisting, crawling, and handling of material. This position requires the electrician to perform tasks either independently or as a team under limited supervision. Occasionally oversee work performed by others. Reports to Foreman, or Superintendent as assigned. Is responsible for keeping crew members supplied with materials, tools, etc. Responsible for general site clean-up.


·      Measures, cuts, and bends wire and conduit

·      Makes custom bends and cuts to ensure proper placement of conduit

·      Communication skills to interpret construction and safety signage, to acknowledge and alert others of safety hazards, and to take and/or give verbal and written instructions

·      Able to comprehend blue prints, navigate project drawing, and interpret terminology and symbols

·      Has a working knowledge of and the ability to refer to current National Electrical Code

·      Able to positively identify colors of wires

·      Must have readily available CESG minimum tool list

·      Wears personal protective equipment when required (such as hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, work boots, respirator, hearing protection, fall protection, cut resistant gloves, etc.)

·      Maintains tools, equipment, supplies and work area in a clean, orderly and safe condition

·      Maintains good housekeeping, which may include, but not limited to sweeping work area using a broom, organizing tools and materials, washing or wiping tools or surfaces clean and keeping area free of debris and tripping hazards

·      Transports tools and materials. This may include walking and carrying objects up to 50 pounds from one location to another, sometimes up stairs, over gravel, pushing or pulling equipment with or without the assistance of co-worker(s)

·      Bends, stoops, and must regain balance upon standing when installing electrical boxes, pipes, etc. that frequently span from floor to ceiling level

·      Performs lifting, positioning, holding, fastening, drilling, or hammering objects, such as conduit, motors, fixtures, poles, and other objects for installation or removal

·      Pulls wire of all gauges, with or without the assistance of others

·      Work in restricted areas, often in cramped places that require getting into awkward positions (switchgear room, manholes, utility tunnels, crawl spaces, attics, etc.)

·      Perform work at heights from ladders, scaffolds, aerial lifts, cat walks, roofs, or other areas occasionally or as job requires

·      Must have a valid TDLR license

Qualifications & Experience

  • • Must have a valid TDLR license
  • • Reliable Transportation
  • • 3+ years of electrical experience
  • • Ability to consistently work shift 7am - 5pm
  • • Work in all elements (heat, cold, rain, snow, etc.) daily
  • • Tools of the trade (one and two-handed manual, electrical and battery operated hand tools, such as screwdriver, hammer, saw, wrench, pliers, drill, conduit benders, knockout cutters, wire cutters, wire strippers, wire pullers, etc.)

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