Fire Watch

Anaheim, California
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Anaheim, California

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Job Description

Fire watch personnel maintain surveillance of areas where hot work — welding or cutting with torches — has occurred. Welding and cutting both cause sparks and bits of molten metal to fly into the surrounding area. The fire watch maintains a lookout for small fires started by these sparks and bits of slag.


  • Constantly patrolling areas where “hot work” is being performed, maintaining vigilance of potential fires.
  • Being familiar with facilities and procedures for sounding an alarm in the event of a fire and having a means of notifying emergency services.
  • Having fire-extinguishing equipment readily available and being well-trained in its use.
  • Maintaining the conditions and requirements stated on the safety permit.
  • Inspecting the entire work area to look for potential release of flammable vapors or liquids before, during, and at the end of each shift.
  • Being prepared to operate fire extinguishers, hydrants, fixed monitors, and hose carts anytime.
  • Never leaving the job site while the work is being done.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Ability to follow technical drawings
  • Ability to use your initiative
  • Knowledge of buildings and construction
  • Good level of physical fitness
  • Confidence to work at height.

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