Alvarado, Texas
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Alvarado, Texas

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PeopleReady Skilled Trades is seeking an experienced painter. The purpose of this position to fabricate high quality dust collection products and parts that meet the general requirements for good quality painted products, creating a strong market and customer demand for the organization, while achieving cost-effective manufacturing methods and retaining expert employees to serve its customers.


· Maintain knowledge of all current safety and production guidelines to ensure high rates of production at the lowest incidence of accidents or injuries.

· Following all safety and production guidelines daily, obtain the correct paints and material to fabricate high quality dust collection parts and products that regularly support the company’s market demands.

· Following all safety and production guidelines daily, with the appropriate drawings, apply the correct type, color and quantity of paint (as verified by the use of a wet mel gauge) required for the collector and all other painted products, thus creating quality parts and products to profitably serve the company’s market.

· Following all safety and production guidelines daily, and upon completion of painting a unit, visually inspect the unit to verify the paint has been applied evenly, without runs and exhibits a smooth even finish, thus fabricating quality dust collection equipment for shipment and installation at company’s customer sites.

Qualifications & Experience

  • · Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds, 4 feet high without the aid of another person.
  • · Must be able to sit and/or stand for up to eight hours at a time while performing work duties.
  • · Must be able to bend, stoop, push, and pull in the performance of job duties.
  • · Must be able to use fingers bilaterally and unilaterally (one-handed) in the operation of power tools, electrical equipment, and various hand tools.
  • · Must be able to work around various dusts, fumes, odors, chemical agents, and solvents (respirator qualified).
  • · Must be able to work in various outdoor temperatures and environmental conditions.
  • · Must have vision and hearing corrected to be able to legally operate a vehicle under various environmental and traffic conditions and have a clear driving record.
  • · Must be able to maintain balance and climb 12 feet on a ladder.
  • · Must be able to maintain amicable work relationships with fellow employees and perform all essential job functions in an environment that will include increased levels of work-related stress.
  • · Maintain punctuality and attendance as scheduled by management and punch a time clock as required, including lunch breaks.
  • · Clean and sweep your area at close of each day.
  • · Meet minimum company production rate for each job function.
  • · Follow job break and lunch schedule as set by supervisor.
  • · Keep tools/equipment organized and put up at end of work schedule each day.

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Alvarado, Texas

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