Solar Laborer

Pulaski, New York
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Pulaski, New York

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The Solar Installer Laborer is responsible for performing basic labor tasks to bring about the completion of multiple Industrial Solar Project construction phases. This includes Pre Post Installation Setup, Post Installation, Post Remediation, Pre Racking/Rails System Component Staging, Racking/Rails System Assembly and Solar Panel Installation. All phases require the use of multiple general and power tools.


Racking Crew Installer: 

The Racking Crew Installer follows directions given to the team by the Foreman/Lead on how to successfully install a Racking System onto the Steel Posts (Piles).

Responsibilities include: Staging material next to each post and teams working together to assemble and bolt down a steel frame onto the Post. 

Some Racking systems are stationary and require that the system be bolted down to the steel posts. 

Other Racking systems use motors to track and move with the Sun. 

Tools Used: Drill Guns, nuts, bolts, clips, Tilt Brackets, Torque Tubes. 

Install Laborer (Module Crew): 

The Module Crew Laborer/Installer follows directions given to the team by the Foreman/Lead on how to successfully install Modules onto the Racking System. 

Tasks consist of opening Solar Panel Boxes and carefully placing panels onto the racking system. 

Workers then bolt down modules to the steel frame using power tools bolts, spacers and clips. 

Qualifications & Experience

  • ● Safety: Adheres to company safety policies and procedures including ability to identify and report safety hazards, and the ability to encourage others to work safely.
  • ● Customer Service: Ability to interact with customers and coworkers in a courteous and professional manner.
  • ● Results Driven: Proven ability to meet deadlines and key metrics.
  • ● Works independently, as a team player, and drives results in a fast paced, team based environment.
  • ● Must be willing to assist teammates and build strong relationships to achieve company and department goals.

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Solar Laborer

Pulaski, New York

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