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What is WorkUp?

WorkUp is a new program providing free training to PeopleReady Skilled Trades craftspeople to help them learn new skills, get a better job, and earn more money. In partnership with Penn Foster, a leading online education and skills training provider, all programs in WorkUp will prepare learners for today’s most in-demand jobs.



WorkUp programs are offered entirely online through Penn Foster’s mobile-friendly and easy-to-use system. Craftspeople have the freedom and flexibility to learn at-home and on-the-go, on their own time.

No Cost

No Cost

Take courses entirely for free as an eligible PeopleReady Skilled Trade craftspeople. In order to be eligible for free training, you must have worked with us for a minimum of 8 hours and have worked within the past 60 days.



Train on your own time and at your own pace. Continue to earn while you learn, and begin building the necessary skills to move on to a better job and make more money.


Courses to help you do your best work.

There are a variety of programs available through WorkUP to train you for today’s most in-demand occupations. Programs are offered at varying skill levels and range from introductory to specialized trade programs. Contact your local branch to learn about which programs would be best for the most in-demand jobs in your region!

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Featured Courses

Course NameType
Introduction to Skilled TradesIntroductory Courses
Basic Electrical TrainingIntroductory Courses
Industrial SafetyIntroductory Courses
Basic Industrial Math & MeasurementsIntroductory Courses
Basic Industrial MathIntroductory Courses
Practical MeasurementsIntroductory Courses
Industrial Print Reading BasicsIntroductory Courses
Basic Blueprint ReadingIntroductory Courses
Solar PV Installation SkillsTrade Programs
MachinistTrade Programs
Mechanical MaintenanceTrade Programs
Welding SkillsTrade Programs
Facilities Maintenance MechanicTrade Programs
PipefittingTrade Programs
HVACR TechnicianTrade Programs
Diesel MechanicTrade Programs

Here are some answers to popular questions about WorkUP.

Q: How do I become eligible for WorkUP?

To be eligible to enroll in one of the programs available through WorkUP, you must:

  • Be a PeopleReady Skilled Trades Craftsperson
  • Have worked with PeopleReady Skilled Trades for a minimum of eight hours total
  • Have worked on a PeopleReady Skilled Trades assignment within the past 60 days
  • If you are a new craftsperson or do not currently meet the eligibility requirements, you will be alerted when you have reached eligibility.

    Q: How do I enroll in a program through WorkUP?

    To enroll in a program with WorkUP, please visit and click on “Already a Craftsperson? Enroll Today” towards the top of the page. In the application form, you will be asked to provide basic information including your address, contact information, date of birth, and program of choice. To learn more about the programs prior to applying, you can also visit the WorkUP page or speak with a representative at your local PeopleReady Skilled Trades branch.

    Q: How much money does it cost me to take the courses?

    If you meet the eligibility requirements of a PeopleReady Skilled Trades craftsperson, nothing! WorkUP programs are free for all eligible PeopleReady Skilled Trades craftspeople. See “How do I become eligible for WorkUP?” to learn how to become eligible.

    Q: What happens once I’m accepted into WorkUP?

    Upon being accepted into a WorkUP program, you will automatically receive a Welcome Email with details on how to login. This email will provide your Student ID and a link to log in to the Penn Foster Student Portal for the first time!

    Q: How do I access the courses?

    All course content will be delivered through Penn Foster’s Student Portal. All students will have access to their course content upon login into the Portal for the first time. Once logged in, click on “Program and Courses” in the left navigation bar to see the courses in your program. You can also get started directly from your dashboard by clicking “Start” on your home dashboard.

    Q: How do I take exams?

    As Penn Foster’s programs are delivered online, all exams are also administered online and taken directly within your Student Portal. All students will use this platform for all course-related exercises.

    Q: How long does it take to complete a program?

    The estimated length to complete the programs offered through WorkUP varies significantly based on the program level and skills taught. For example, our Introductory Programs range in length from 22 hours to 160 hours. However, some of our Trade Programs are estimated to take up to 900 hours. Please note that Penn Foster’s programs are all self-paced, so the amount of time it takes to complete a program is largely determined by the speed at which you progress through your coursework.

    Q: Can I take more than one program at a time?

    While you are able to enroll in more than one program at a time, we highly recommend focusing on one program at once to ensure you have enough time to dedicate to your learning and are able to fully learn a set of skills before moving on to another.

    Q: What kinds of jobs are available after I complete a program?

    Each of the program listings on includes a description of occupations applicable to the skills taught in that program. To get a better sense of the most in-demand occupations in your region, speak with your PeopleReady Skilled Trades representative at your local branch and have them helpguide you to a program that’s right for you.

    Q: What kind of support will I receive as a student in a WorkUP program?

    Penn Foster offers support to craftspeople enrolled in WorkUP programs through a variety of ways and across multiple communication channels, including phone, email, text, and chat. Upon enrollment, each associate will also be assigned to a Penn Foster Success Coach, who will welcome you to the program and serve as your dedicated resource for any questions that arise. In addition, you have access to:

    • Penn Foster Instructors to assist with questions related to academic and course content
    • Motivational support, study tips & tricks, and reminders delivered by email
    • Online chat and SMS texting to communicate with support team

    To contact Penn Foster for support, call 1-800-281-2863 or email You will hear back from our team within 24 business hours.

    Q: What are the technology specifications I should be aware of to access WorkUP programs?

    It is recommended that learners access the learning portal with an up-to-date version of Google Chrome running on Windows 7 (or later), an Apple computer running OS X (or later), or on a Google Chromebook. Additionally, learners can access the content from a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) via the Google Chrome app. In all cases the learner should have access to high speed internet for the best learning experience.


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