Respect the Craft Spotlight: Benjamin Sickles

Ben Sickles learned his hard work ethic early in life. Today, with PeopleReady Skilled Trades, he works with like-minded people committed to getting jobs done right.

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Benjamin Sickles of Stafford, Virginia

“I’m shown the respect I’ve earned as an experienced tradesman,” says Benjamin Sickles.

Some individuals have the good fortune of discovering a career where their talents align with financially rewarding work they enjoy doing. This position is exactly where Benjamin Sickles of Stafford, VA, finds himself.

While Ben has tried his hand at everything from carpentry to HVAC, plumbing is what he’s found to be his sweet spot. When talking about plumbing, he says, “I just have a knack for it.”

Showcasing his true knack for plumbing, he shared this example. “I worked on a project with another plumber where the work was estimated to take six months, but the two of us got it done in about 13 weeks.”

“That was a really cool project, too,” he adds. “It was this place called AeroFarms in Ringgold, VA, near Danville. It’s supposed to be the world’s largest indoor vertical garden.”

Joshua Ade, account manager at PeopleReady Skilled Trades, noted his commitment, saying, “Ben absolutely goes above and beyond for our customers. And when coworkers need help with timecards, pay cards or job details, he makes sure those items are worked out. As a result of this dedication, he’s moved into a working supervisor role by overseeing the performance of each worker on his scope of work.”

The simple fact is, going above and beyond is the only way that Ben knows how to work. His stepfather, LeRoy Sabine, raised Ben and his brother and sisters on a farm in Hudson, ME, and taught them how to run the farm and build houses. LeRoy, who was a general contractor and structural engineer, sadly passed away in 2019.

When we asked Ben about LeRoy, he said “He taught me to be a hard-working country boy. So, I’ve worked all my life. I don’t even like to take vacation, really.”

Wanting to continue his skilled trades training, Ben worked under the instruction of John “Johno” Caine, the youngest plumber to become a master plumber in the State of Virginia at the time. For Ben, it’s people like Johno that reassure him of his career choice. And although he knows this was the right career choice for him, he feels the trades are often undervalued as a career path.

“Trade school is so much more affordable than college, especially with an apprenticeship. Plus, the pay in the trades is excellent and skilled workers are needed. For every person entering a trade like plumbing, at least two are leaving the workforce. So, the opportunities are there.”

“It’s interesting work,” he adds. “Every job is different and you’re always going to learn something new — even if you work in the trades for 30-plus years. You won’t ever know everything.”

After Ben’s time with Johno, he went on to work with his cousin at his residential plumbing business for seven years before making the jump to commercial plumbing. Now, working with PeopleReady Skilled Trades, Ben finds ample opportunities to utilize his skills and earns a higher wage than he did as a laborer. He also feels that his skills and experience garner respect on job sites.

“I’m shown the respect I’ve earned as an experienced tradesman,” he said. “People on the job are always teaching and correcting if needed, but it comes with respect.”

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