We Respect the Craft

Recognizing Amazing Tradespeople

The tradesmen and tradeswomen we send to job sites every day are the heart of PeopleReady Skilled Trades. Their jobs aren’t always easy and are often performed in difficult working conditions. But, it’s these hard-working men and women who we rely on every day to help build our country.

Recruiting and retaining talented tradespeople and skilled laborers is the most critical business challenge facing the construction industry. And, to us, showing appreciation and respect in support of their hard work is essential.

So, to show our respect for the hard work and dedication of our tradespeople, we created Respect the Craft™, a recognition program that rewards more than 45 workers each month.

How are individuals selected?

Throughout the month, they would have exhibited one or more of the following:

  • Had a standout moment going above and beyond
  • Took initiative by helping another teammate on the job site
  • Showcased our culture principals
  • Demonstrated outstanding safety practices
  • Never missed a shift or worked the most hours

Great tradespeople make a difference

To us, Respect the Craft™ is more than a rewards program. It’s a core value that guides us in our work every day. We treat our workers like family. We take pride in rewarding high-performing tradespeople who display valued qualities and behaviors. We appreciate and respect every tradesperson for their unique strengths and talents, as well as for what they do for our customers every single day.

How Respect the Craft works

1. At the end of each month, each branch chooses a standout tradesperson based on the criteria mentioned above.

2. The branch then selects a gift for the individual that they may need––whether it’s tools or other worker essentials.

3. The winner is presented with their prize at the job site they’re working on at that time.

4. We congratulate the winner in a variety of ways––on both a local and national scale.

Respect The Craft Spotlight

John Trail

Nashville, TN
March 2021

Paul Mohagan

Ventura, CA
March 2021

Elliot Saddleblanket

Osseo, MN
March 2021

Anthony Smith

North Bay, CA
March 2021

Dante Johnson

Las Vegas, NV
February 2021

Larice Davis

Nashville, TN February 2021

Carlo Zarcone

Las Vegas, NV
January 2021

Justin G

Syracuse, NY January 2021

Ellison Rahming

Syracuse, NY
December 2020

Fernando Vega

Ventura, CA
December 2020

James Silva

Ventura, CA
November 2020

Chris Wideman

Nashville, TN
November 2020

Larry Joslyn

Nashville, TN
May 2020

Derek Brown

Fort Myers, FL
May 2020

Jonathon Heath

Nashville, TN
May 2020

Courtney Harleston

Nashville, TN
May 2020

Gustavo Najar

Seattle, WA
March 2020

Aaron Vanpelt

Fresno, CA
March 2020

Jose Valerio

Nashville, TN
March 2020

Yvos Warren

Memphis, TN
March 2020

Jacob Smith

Nashville, TN March 2020

James Crews

Alexandria, VA March 2020

Craig Grennan

Seattle, WA March 2020

Marshall Lopez

Austin, TX February 2020

Robert Jacinto

Fresno, CA February 2020

Juan Villegas

Fort Myers, FL February 2020

Thomas Fundock

Fort Myers, FL January 2020

Thomas Welch

San Diego CA December 2019

Omari Jackson

Los Angeles, CA December 2019

Matthias Mong

Fort Myers, FL December 2019

Angel Brenman

Ventura, CA December 2019

David Ortiz

San Diego, CA November 2019

Zachary Ruperti

Union, NJ November 2019

Kurtis Beall

Austin, TX November 2019

Sterling Cato

Fort Myers, FL October 2019

John Corleone

Union, NJ October 2019

Willie Hagan

Jacksonville, FL October 2019

Mister Wright

Salt Lake City, UT October 2019

Brandon Majszak

Tukwila, WA October 2019

Christopher Zamzow

Sacramento, CA October 2019

Evan Finlay

Fort Myers, FL October 2019

Hosea Oneone

Santa Clara, CA October 2019

James Constantine

Fairfield, CA October 2019

Michael Reynolds

Austin, TX October 2019

Veronica Ruzo

Orlando, FL October 2019

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