Heavy Equipment Staffing Solutions: Questions to Ask Your Staffing Agency

Finding experienced heavy equipment operators can be challenging for many construction companies. See how partnering with a heavy equipment staffing agency can make the process easier.

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Heavy Equipment Staffing Solutions

How to find heavy equipment operators for your construction projects

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects over 40,000 new job openings for construction equipment operators each year through 2032. To ensure their projects are fully staffed, many construction companies are now partnering with a construction staffing agency when they need to recruit heavy equipment operators like backhoe operators, bulldozer operators and forklift operators.

If you’ve never worked with a staffing agency for heavy equipment operator staffing, here are some questions you should ask to ensure you’re matched with the best heavy equipment operators for your specific needs.

Questions to ask a heavy equipment operator staffing agency

What experience do you have hiring heavy equipment operators and other tradespeople?

According to recent data from Staffing Industry Analysts, there are about 19,000 staffing agencies serving U.S. employers. While having many options might seem great at first, not all of these agencies will have the experience, insights or construction industry connections required to provide qualified skilled tradespeople that fit your needs.

The ideal staffing agency has expertise in construction hiring and a long track record of success as well as an extensive network of connections in your area. As a result, the staffing agency is in a better position to source and recruit the most qualified construction equipment operators for your company’s needs.

What makes your staffing agency the best option to hire heavy equipment operators?

You can get a better idea of a staffing agency’s work by requesting examples of their past accomplishments in heavy equipment operator staffing. They should be able to provide referrals and success stories from other construction companies they’ve worked with who can speak to the quality of their services.

The right staffing agency for your needs should also understand the unique hiring challenges in your area. The best construction staffing agencies will build relationships with local contractors and subcontractors so they can stay updated on local trends in the construction industry. As a result, the staffing agency has the knowledge and insights on common issues and challenges to ensure you always have the heavy equipment staffing solutions you need.

What types of heavy equipment operators and other tradespeople can you provide?

Every construction company is different and so are the projects they manage. In the best-case scenario, your staffing agency can provide support for any kind of project: commercial, industrial, residential or large-scale infrastructure.

Their construction and skilled trades staffing experts will also understand that in some cases, you’ll need skilled tradespeople with specific levels of experience. They can also offer flexible staffing arrangements, such as:

  • Short-term staffing: Short-term staffing gives your company added support for an agreed-upon amount of time or for a specific project.
  • Long-term staffing: Bringing on workers for long-term assignments can help ensure that both current and future projects are covered, even when unexpected changes occur.
  • Temp-to-hire staffing: This type of work arrangement can benefit employers and employees alike by allowing a trial period to assess if a permanent role is the best path forward for both parties.

How do you ensure that your tradespeople follow safety rules and regulations?

Safety is the most important part of any construction jobsite, and it must be a priority for your chosen staffing agency. Moving equipment in particular poses safety hazards on construction sites, requiring careful planning and execution to ensure the safety of all workers. A staffing agency should have an established Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and require tradespeople to undergo a safety assessment before making them available for assignments.

Additionally, the staffing agency should be able to supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to their tradespeople and ensure they’re up to date with any necessary safety training. Another key part of their services could include offering safety certification programs, like OSHA-10 or OSHA-30 certification, for all their tradespeople. Taking these steps shows the agency’s dedication to providing a safe work environment for everyone on a jobsite.

Could you share details about your screening process for tradespeople?

A thorough screening process is essential for verifying the credentials of all potential candidates, so it’s important to understand the agency’s vetting process. For example, if you need to hire a backhoe operator or hire a bulldozer operator, look for a staffing agency who will identify a candidate with the skills and experience necessary to get the job done right. The right staffing agency also verifies the tradesperson’s work history and qualifications before they arrive on your jobsite.

In the end, these screening efforts ensure that your tradespeople possess the necessary trade skills and are the best fit for your team, fostering a work environment where productivity and workplace safety are prioritized.

What other types of staffing support does your heavy equipment operator staffing agency provide?

In addition to recruiting top-level workers, a staffing agency specializing in construction or skilled trades staffing offers extensive support at every stage of the hiring process. For example, one of the most complex matters is employee classification, which has become a common issue in many industries as of late. Your ideal staffing agency can help ensure each tradesperson is properly classified, minimizing the risks associated with hiring for your company.

Additionally, a staffing agency may offer valuable assistance with access to experts in payroll, employment law and safety, among other critical areas. Having a staffing agency take on these responsibilities frees you up to focus on other important business matters.

PeopleReady Skilled Trades helps you hire heavy equipment operators and other tradespeople

If you’re looking to find heavy equipment operators or other tradespeople for your construction company, PeopleReady Skilled Trades has you covered. We provide convenient access to a wide range of heavy equipment operators to meet your project needs. For example:

  • All-terrain forklift operators
  • Backhoe operators
  • Bulldozer operators
  • Crane operators
  • Excavator operators
  • Front-end loader operators
  • Paving equipment operators

Along with heavy equipment operator staffing services, we can help you find construction workers across a variety of trades. That includes recruiting welders, recruiting plumbers, recruiting electricians and recruiting a variety of other tradespeople.

PeopleReady Skilled Trades can also work with you to create a long-term construction staffing plan to help see you through project changes and busy seasons. All of our tradespeople are vetted so you can rest assured that the workers you receive are reliable, qualified and motivated to get the job done.

If you’re wondering, “Where can I find heavy equipment operator staffing near me?” check out our locations page to get started.

Looking for heavy equipment operator staffing?

PeopleReady Skilled Trades is a specialized division of PeopleReady, a TrueBlue company (NYSE: TBI). Since 1987, we have connected tradespeople and work across a wide range of trades, including carpentry, electrical, plumbing, welding, solar installations and more. Whether you need a single tradesperson or require a coordinated effort to dispatch skilled workers across multiple projects, we ensure you have the right people with the right tools, on-site and on time.