Construction Recruiting: How to Set Yourself Apart From the Competition

Your construction company must stand out from the competition in order to attract new workers. We offer four construction recruiting strategies that can give you an edge in today’s hiring market.

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Tips to boost your construction recruitment efforts

Associated Builders and Contractors has forecasted that in 2023, the construction industry will need over half a million more workers on top of its normal hiring pace. As a result, construction companies need to be creative in their construction recruiting strategies to remain competitive. With that in mind, we’re sharing four ways that you can promote your construction company to interested, qualified applicants.

1. Showcase your past and present projects

Construction workers take pride in the projects that they support. If you show that you’re passionate about your projects, that can spark interest in your company and inspire them to apply for your open roles.

The best way to showcase your work is through your job postings. Use them to provide a link to your website or a portfolio that highlights your most notable projects. This gives prospective applicants a better idea of the type of projects they’ll be working on and the impact they can have on the communities where you work.

When you create your project portfolio, be sure to include clear captions and descriptions for each project. Using pictures or time-lapsed videos depicting a project’s development can show the care and passion that goes into every job. By sharing your best work with candidates, they will better understand what makes your construction company a cut above the rest.

2. Advertise your career growth and training opportunities

Another key part of your construction recruitment plan is showing applicants the potential for advancement. According to a 2022 Pro Builder survey, 53% of construction workers stay with their employer because of the promise of future career growth. However, the survey also notes that 31% of the current workforce is considering leaving their jobs because these opportunities are too rare.

Offering career training and development opportunities and promoting them in your recruiting materials can entice job seekers to join your company. For example, upskilling and reskilling programs can give workers the tools they need to advance their careers and better support your projects. These programs also show candidates that you are invested in their career development. No matter what learning opportunities you offer, they can be a deciding factor for those seeking construction jobs.

3. Offer perks and incentives to support your workforce

As you assess your construction recruiting efforts, keep in mind that potential employees also look for certain perks in your job descriptions. To stay competitive, you could consider offering the following:

  • Flexible scheduling: One of the most common reasons that workers have left their jobs in recent years is poor work-life balance. Offering flexible scheduling can help communicate that you care about the well-being of your workers and value their commitment to your company.
  • Recognition programs or other incentives: Many companies offer employee recognition programs with awards or prizes to workers who go above and beyond. An example of this is PeopleReady Skilled Trades’ Respect the Craft, a recognition program that rewards skilled tradespeople for their hard work. Whether it’s gift cards, free food or crew happy hours, any tokens of appreciation can inspire loyalty by showing that you care.

4. Partner with a construction staffing agency for additional support

Attracting the right workers for your construction company takes a great deal of time and resources. That’s why many companies use construction staffing services to fill their open roles.

A construction staffing agency, like PeopleReady, offers a team of experts who partner with you to find workers with the right skills and experience. They have local relationships and know how to advertise your job postings to get people excited about your projects. See additional benefits of working with a construction staffing expert here.

How PeopleReady supports your construction recruitment efforts

PeopleReady and our specialized division, PeopleReady Skilled Trades, can support your construction recruiting efforts all year long. Our construction staffing experts serve 600-plus communities across North America to provide local workers on a national scale. Whether you need general or skilled laborers, we offer construction staffing services and solutions customized to your company.

Are you wondering, “Do you have construction staffing agencies near me?” Visit our locations page to find your local PeopleReady or PeopleReady Skilled Trades team.

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