Strategies for Retaining Employees

During the worker shortage, retaining best employees is extremely important. Here are 5 tips for retaining workers at your construction company.

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5 Tips for Retaining Workers at Your Construction Company

As a contractor or subcontractor, you know it too well: The need for skilled tradespeople is far outpacing the number of available tradespeople. In fact, according to an analysis by PeopleReady Skilled Trades, there were 388,345 jobs posted for skilled trades-related workers between May and June alone — a 50% increase from pre-pandemic levels. Most of those positions remained unfilled an average of 24 days, according to the report, which was released in August.

By partnering with PeopleReady Skilled Trades, you’ve taken a crucial step in making sure you have qualified, reliable tradespeople and laborers for your projects. But are you doing all you can to retain the talented workers you already have at your company? Consider these five tips for retaining workers during these challenging times — and beyond!

5 Strategies for Retaining Employees at Your Construction Firm

  1. Pay well. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s imperative: Make sure you’re paying your best workers your best pay and providing them with great benefits. If you’re giving them top pay, they’re much less likely to be lured away.
  2. Offer incentives. Rewarding workers with bonuses may help in retaining good employees. If you implement this step, though, take your time. Choose the type of bonus program that would work best for your company and your employees, whether that’s offering retention bonuses or bonuses for doing exceptional work.
  3. Recognize good work. See a theme here? By recognizing and rewarding your best tradespeople, you create a bond they’ll think twice about breaking. Beyond financial incentives, a heartfelt “thank you” counts — as does acknowledging their good work in a company-wide newsletter or in another public way. You might even create an official, year-round recognition program, like our Respect the Craft program.
  4. Engage your employees. Too often, companies do a great job welcoming new hires and onboarding them, but then forget about them the longer they’re on the job — unless there’s a problem. Engage with your employees, whether that’s asking their opinions — and acting on their feedback — or hosting lunch breaks or other special events. Retaining of employees works best when they feel like they’re part of your team.
  5. Prioritize safety. By providing safe jobsites, you demonstrate you care about your workers. One way to show you prioritize safety is to provide ongoing safety training. For example, our tradespeople know safety is our #1 priority because it’s baked into all we do, from matching them with jobs that fit their skill level and experience to our BeSafe program, where we ensure our tradespeople (and customers) work safely across the entire lifecycle of a project. Providing PPE, from hard hats to eye protection, is another way we show our tradespeople we value their safety — always.

What strategies for retaining employees do you currently follow? Email us and we might include your tips for retaining good employees in a future blog.

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