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Building the Skilled Trades

If you work in the construction industry, you’re all too aware of the severe labor shortage. You know how hard it is to find, attract and retain skilled tradespeople. The next generation workforce isn’t entering the skilled trades professions like they used to.

Industry recruitment and retention are essential to the future of the construction industry. Just as important as finding craft workers, project managers and supervisors is ensuring that these essential workers are properly educated and trained.

In most companies, the conversation has turned to how best to close the skills gap and fix the problem. Making a commitment to workforce development and continuing education are now where the conversation is focused.

Generation T

PeopleReady Skilled Trades is a founding member of the Generation T movement. Generation T is a collective of organizations committed to change an international narrative gone wrong -- that the building trades are a default career.

Together we can change the perception of the trades and the way people perceive their career options. We want to give them confidence to pursue a career that's meaningful, creative, flexible and provides mastery with ample opportunities for growth.

We want to tell the whole truth about "making it" in modern society. The building trades will increasingly shape the places we live and love. We want to influence our education system and help bring back the trades in order to encourage today and tomorrow's future workforce and potentially widen the middle class.

Join the movement at www.wearegenerationt.com



WorkUP is a new program providing free training to PeopleReady Skilled Trades craftspeople to enhance their skills and earn more money. In partnership with Penn Foster, a leading online education and skills training provider, there are 17 programs available for today’s most in-demand occupations. Programs are offered at varying skill levels and range from introductory to specialized skilled trades programs.

For more of the story, visit skilled.peopleready.com/workup

Respect The Craft

Recruiting and retaining talented construction laborers and tradespeople is the most urgent business challenge facing the construction industry. Providing appreciation and respect in support of their hard work is essential.

To show our respect for the hard work and dedication of our valued workers, PeopleReady Skilled Trades launched RESPECT THE CRAFT, a recognition program that rewards workers each month for their dedication to working for PeopleReady Skilled Trades.

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Finding skilled workers when you need them is possible with the right staffing partner. You don't have to sacrifice quality for speed. Let PeopleReady Skilled Trades bring the workers who will help you succeed.

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