Maintenance Technician

RIVERSIDE, California
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RIVERSIDE, California

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$25.00 - $40.00

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Multiple Shifts

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PeopleReady Skilled Trades is looking for experienced MAINTENANCE TECHNICIANS in Corona and Riverside. A Maintenance Technician, or Maintenance Mechanic, is in charge of performing ongoing facility maintenance and completing repairs on equipment. Their duties include fixing machinery, plumbing, heating and wiring, inspecting buildings to confirm safety standards and scheduling major repairs. A Maintenance Technician is responsible for keeping a facility operating and repairing any problems when they are discovered before they have a chance to worsen. A Maintenance Technician will usually be required to perform a wide range of repair tasks around a facility.

• Medical, Vision, Dental
• Flexible work schedule
• Referral Bonus Programs
• Weekly pay
• OSHA 10 Training – (Available if interested)

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In this role you will be expected to maintain building operations and ensure that the facilities are safe and functional at all times. Maintenance Technicians can manage technical repairs like inspecting and fixing HVAC systems alongside aesthetic maintenance like applying new coats of paint and trimming the bushes and grass on facility grounds. They manage routine maintenance and emergency repairs to prevent and resolve safety or comfort issues. Maintenance technicians install new equipment and oversee building upgrades according to owner requests and to preserve the facility.

• Performing routine maintenance around the building such as fixing structural damage, for example, window, door or wall repair

• Repairing broken or leaking plumbing to avoid water damage and restore full use of water fixtures

• Working on damaged electrical wiring when a shortage or severed wire occurs

• Maintaining the building HVAC equipment in order to keep climate control in the facility functioning properly

• Applying preventative measures to the building to reduce the risk of future problems, such as using a sealant on a flat roof

• Fixing potential safety hazards to avoid injuries

• Painting the building when old paint has become faded or chipped

Qualifications & Experience

  • A Maintenance Technician requires a diverse mix of both hard and soft skills, particularly manual labor skills, including:
  • • Plumbing knowledge to address leaks, clogs or other drainage problems
  • • Electrical wiring capabilities to manage problems with the building’s electricity
  • • Carpentry ability to handle basic repairs around the building
  • • Groundskeeping if the facility contains lawns or other outdoor areas in need of maintenance
  • • Interpersonal skills to interact with employees or residents of the building in a pleasant manner
  • • Attention to detail to ensure that all jobs are completed in an exemplary manner and any potential hazards or warning signs of problems are not overlooked
  • • Physical stamina to handle a full shift of being active and working on the building

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